joomlalogoWhat do you want to ?

  • set up and run a website and ecommerce in a few minutes?
  • to provide service to its elegant unique look ?
  • put on even daily updated information ?
  • change the structure according to the new needs and goals ?
  • engage in continuous dialogue with users, such as customers ?
  • add content and manage the service without a computer ?
  • Impress using the latest technology?
  • significantly reduce your costs?
  • always be trendy – no lag ?

With Joomla ! all this is not only possible, but easy to reach

Installs in minutes !

Joomla! installed very easily. You need to do five simple steps:

  • buy a domain
  • set up a database service
  • unpack the distribution package
  • upload files to a server
  • start the installation wizard
  • give wizard : service name, database, password, and email address .

After 5-10 minutes on the web site will be ready to pay a visit . With everything you need to start, so :

  • service menu, leading to its departments,
  • basic structure, enabling :
  • publication of information
  • publishing links
  • collection and publication of news from other sites
  • conducting surveys,
  • contact form,
  • registration system and login users
  • administrative center for managing the service .

The unique look!

Immediately after installation you have several robes graphics to choose from. On the Internet easily find hundreds of free graphic design, from which you can choose the best one you corresponding . You can enter any modifications therein . What’s more ! You can assign different graphic templates to individual sections of the site.

Simple content update !

Entering and changing content in Joomla ! two steps : type and publish ! . Texts and images put on the site using any web browser. You do not need to know any programming language – enough to get you on your writing skills !

Flexible structure !

Create a site structure like building with Legos or a picture of the puzzle . You can take advantage of more than 1000 components with which you put the information in the main content area adapted form of presentation content . And with selected modules will result in the Joomla ! put next to other information linked to the main content or signaling content available on the site .

Components, Modules, and other components are installed very easily. Just download and specify the installation package and the Joomla ! will do the rest for you . On the Internet you can find several thousand additional components .


Almost immediately after the installation site, readers can log in and log it . From the first moment can use the contact form . Once registered you can upload, and even put in your own information site – articles, images, files . Each published article can be commented. If you wish, you can run a discussion forum or chat room ( chat ) . You can conduct surveys, the results of which are published immediately. Never dialogue with users been easier !

Managing without a computer !

You do not need IT professional to configure and manage the service based on the Joomla ! It is extremely simple, intuitive and understandable for every admin interface of Joomla ! achieved the highest scores. Someone has rightly said that ” If you would be something even simpler, you do not have to have anything to do.”

The latest technology !

Joomla! system is thoroughly modern . And although the power of Joomla! is the ease and simplicity, your website will be an example of the use of cutting-edge technologies. Joomla! has been developed in PHP / MySQL, XML uses, DHTML, RSS, JavaScript, AJAX and other enabling dynamic content change

Low cost !

Joomla! free ! You do not incur the cost of the software. Do not pay for additional components . You do not need to hire editors, authors, spokespersons. Enter the information you entrust to each employee of his company or institution within its scope of activities .

And if you want to use a professional webmaster services, you incur the cost of a few – and even several times smaller than in the case of CMS – s commercial .

Development guaranteed!

Joomla! is constantly improved and developed. The development plan shall designate the modern standards of functionality and user needs. Upgrading to a newer version is as simple as installing . Do you have a guarantee that in a year or five you will not be exchanged for a new system !

And many other advantages !

Here are some of the features listed yet Joomla ! :

  • Security: authentication system, the ability to run in SSL mode ( protected )
  • compatibility with PHP5, and soon with different database systems,
  • Support compression and temporary storage space, speed up Internet transmission
  • friendly URLs – support for search engines
  • easy to copy and move items between sections
  • archive and version control products,
  • built-in help system
  • more than 50 language versions available
  • internal statistics
  • service advertising banners
  • and much, much more …

Use and enjoy!

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